Soundfall is a procedurally generated dungeon crawling twin stick shooter. Players can navigate levels as in a traditional twin stick shooter, but actions are performed alongside the beat of the music.

Narrative: In Soundfall you'll embark on a magnificent journey of friendship and discovery. Share in the adventure of a lifetime as you delve into forbidden dungeons, explore fantastic landscapes, and uncover the awesome power of music. Soundfall is as much about story as it is about music, and throughout the game you'll encounter a host of memorable personalities with a look and style all their own.

Combat: In Soundfall you'll Shatter enemies in fun, responsive combat.Battles in Soundfall leave you flushed and breathless, as you unleash an arsenal of music-driven skills and abilities to overcome the malevolent forces of Discord. Become immersed in exhilarating encounters, accessible to all levels of experience.

Music: Music is what makes Soundfall special! Everything, including combat encounters, enemy behaviors, ambient objects, loot, and level layouts are driven by the music you select. Music doesn't just influence the world, music creates the world!

Characters: Soundfall will have 5 playable characters, each with a different genre of music favoured. These characters are Melody Harper, Brite Harper, Ky Sun-Yin, and two currently unknown. These characters fight the enemies, known as Discordians, in the world of Symphonia.