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Quick Look: RICO

2019-03-22 35:00 Quick Looks

A procedurally generated shooter with the aesthetics of Gotti and the physics of Gumby? Sign me up!

Giant Bomb Makes Mario Again II

2019-03-21 57:59 Features

We started with a lesson on hygiene and ended up with the anatomy of HELL!

Breakfast 'N' Ben - Battle? I'll Pass. 03/20/19

2019-03-21 05:54 Features

Things are heating up in King's Canyon, and it's up to us to cool it down.

Quick Look: Dawn of Man

2019-03-21 34:39 Quick Looks

Join the GBE crew as we travel back in time to the Paleolithic Era and learn a thing or two about history along the way.

Quick Look: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

2019-03-20 47:45 Quick Looks

We hug walls, grapple onto buildings, and even try to pet a giant!

Quick Look: BaBa Is You

2019-03-20 13:45 Quick Looks

Quick is Look.

PokéMonday Night Combat - 03/19/2019

2019-03-19 48:52 Features

It's been a long day. Maybe we should just go to sleeeeeep...

Giant Bombcast 575: Thousand-Player Battle Royale

2019-03-19 20:32 Giant Bombcast

Google finally takes the lid off Stadia, its streaming platform, and we're excited and terrified. Also: MK11, BaBa Is You, Hypnospace Outlaw, chameleons, a ranking of chips, super cocaine, and Rich Gallup!

We Talk Over the Google "All Will Be Revealed" Keynote!

2019-03-19 13:16 Features

If there's any company that will reveal all, it probably would be Google!

Quick Look: The Occupation

2019-03-17 52:05 Quick Looks

Check your watches because we're early to our meeting and that can mean only one thing... getting very caught sneaking around.