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Best of Giant Bomb: 174 - Heretical Grinder

2019-08-24 15:18 Best of Giant Bomb

Top Ten Bloodstained items that you don’t want to bring on a first date, starting with number ten:

Old Games: The Jeff Gerstmann Home Game: Magic Pockets, Popeye, A Little Apex Legends

2019-08-20 53:45

Let's work our way back into the swing of things with some Magic Pockets, Popeye, and hey, how about those Apex Legends solos?

Giant Bombcast Episode 597: Watering a Plastic Succulent

2019-08-20 40:13 Giant Bombcast

GameSpot's Lucy James and Tamoor Hussain stop by to discuss coming to America, third-person peeing, all the news out of Gamescom, being grumpy about Overwatch, and a textbook example of conflict resolution.

Quick Look: Age of Wonders: Planetfall

2019-08-20 29:38 Quick Looks

Imagine if Civ was set in space with everyone you know and love: Space Gandhi, Space FDR, Space Genhis Khan!

Quick Look: Creature in the Well

2019-08-19 25:21 Quick Looks

YOU are the flipper in the pinball machine of life.

Quick Look: Exception

2019-08-18 17:08 Quick Looks

Ugh, grandma installed a virus again. :(

Ben's Lens: Teen Choice Awards 2019 Review

2019-08-17 12:20 Features

Ben and Jan see if their picks lined up with the youth on what's poppin'

Quick Look: RAD

2019-08-17 56:45 Quick Looks

The next step in human evolution is to grow a giant snake head.

Best of Giant Bomb: 173 - Crime Crew

2019-08-17 19:13 Best of Giant Bomb

I love it when a plan comes together.

Quick Look: Apsulov: End of Gods

2019-08-16 50:13 Quick Looks

The gods may be angry, but they sure as hell aren't as angry as that indignant robot.