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Giant Bombcast 605: Baby's First Earthquake

2019-10-15 50:40 Giant Bombcast

Instead of all the embargoed games we can't talk about, this week we get into MiSTer updates, Gabe's missing minigun, a bit of Final Fantasy reminiscing, speculation about new-console load times, soda beer, more bad (?) '80s songs, and the ongoing reverberatio...

Quick Look: Warsaw

2019-10-15 23:43 Quick Looks

The hardest part of war is finding the barricades to repair.

Quick Look: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Nintendo Switch)

2019-10-14 20:18 Quick Looks

Finally you can hunt demons, brew potions, and play Gwent all on the Switch!

Quick Look: GRID

2019-10-14 29:08 Quick Looks

Alex takes the wheel and drives us on a tour of what's new in Codemasters' latest racer.

Ranking of Fighters 0045: Godzilla: Monster War & The King of Fighters '96

2019-10-14 02:18 Features

See where the King of Monsters ranks against the King of Fighters!

Quick Look: Neo Cab

2019-10-13 33:38 Quick Looks

In times of trouble maybe we should all be a little less focused on ourselves and give a little more attention to the Pain Worm.

Quick Look: Crossniq+

2019-10-13 31:12 Quick Looks

We've finally crossed the line...with another one.

Quick Look: Pilgrims

2019-10-12 16:51 Quick Looks

If you play your cards right, you might be able to go fish!

Get On My Level! - The Making of an Episode (East Coast)

2019-10-11 04:58 Features

Here's a... quick look of some of our studio setup for recording Get On My Level.

Quick Look: Deliver Us The Moon

2019-10-11 51:18 Quick Looks

Space can be a lonely place, but I'm thankful we have these electric wires to keep us company.